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3-6-9 Can You Beat The Goose

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the wackiest race event of the year!
The 3-6-9 Can You Beat The Goose is back on 24th June 2023 at 124 Camms Road, Cawarral, Queensland, Australia.

The event has three categories: 3-hour, 6-hour, and 9-hour individual runs.

Here’s everything you need to know about this hilarious race:

  • All runners start at the same time and need to complete one loop of 5.5km within 60 minutes.
  • The catch is, they need to be back at the start line before the iconic Clapping Song starts playing. If they’re not on the start line by then, they’re out!
  • But that’s not all. The final lap is where the real race begins, and the remaining runners have to compete to win first, second, or third prize.
  • The event is not about speed; it’s about endurance and strategy. You can take your time, but you need to be back before the cut off time.
  • The Goose Beat You if you can’t complete the loop within an hour, or if you accept defeat and quit early.
  • The final lap will be timed to see who can set the course record.

So, are you ready to take on the goose and win the ultimate prize? Join the 3-6-9 Can You Beat The Goose event on 24th June 2023 and show us what you’re made of!

Refunds and Transfers

  • Refunds up to April 1st, 2024 will be subject to 15% admin charge
  • Refunds limited to 50% of entry fee beyond April 1st 2024
  • Refunds will not be permissible beyond May 4th 2024
  • There are NO transfers to another year
  • There are NO transfers to other events held by Capricorn Run Co.
  • To transfer your entry to another person, you must send an email to with your details and CC the person you want to transfer to. Do not exchange any money until you have made contact with
  • This is the only way you can transfer your entry to another person
  • A fee of $50 will apply to all transfers (chargeable to the substitute participant)
  • Transfers permissible until June 17th, 2024

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